St Kilda Main Bathroom renovation design

St Kilda Bathroom Renovations is one of the leading home improvement companies in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs. We focus on bathroom renovations, ensuite repairs, and tiling. Whether you need residential or commercial tasks, our trained and experienced renovators are highly trained and dedicated to providing high-quality services that exceed your hopes. Over the years, we have refurbished many bathrooms for various establishments in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs and its surrounding areas. We take pride in qualified workmanship, quality customer relations, and creativity. 

At St Kildfa Bathroom Renovations, we offer various sorts of tiling choices that suit your style and spending prerequisites. All our restroom renovators are proficient at tiling and focused on conveying consistent outcomes within your budget requirements.

Here is a summary of our tiling options.

  • Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

These are the most notable bathroom tiles. These tiles are open in a wide collection of tints and shapes. They can be designed to resemble stone or wood, and they are offered in various designs, offering a huge decision of any expressive subject. The tiles are moreover extreme, and when the top is adequately secured by coat, the tiles stay faultless for an incredibly huge time period. One adversity to Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles is that they are exceptionally hard and awkward on the foot. These tiles are created utilizing cemented materials and there is nothing that should be conceivable to soften them effectively.

  • Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are another notable bathroom tile, and are seen as a prevalent option in a washroom tile than the ceramic and porcelain tiles. Vinyl tiles are notable for their comfort and strength. They are furthermore outstandingly practical and amazingly easy to install. Vinyl tiles are suitable for all washrooms in your home, and they are affordable.

  • Plastic Laminate Tiles

Plastic Laminate Tiles are another tile type ideal for bathrooms. These tiles are commonly open as sheets and fit perfectly onto a bathroom floor without causing noteworthy height changes. The tiles are overlaid with materials like what is acquainted with making counter tops, offering a look that is engaging. The tiles are easy to clean, sparing time and cost of cleaning materials. Regardless, there is less of design and shape. Another weakness of the tiles is that water can enter into the focal point of the tiles making them expand and misshape. Care must be taken during installation so as to ensure that all openings that can take in water are fixed.

  • Wood Tiles

Although they are not typical, wood floor tiles can be used by the gallant. These tiles are luxuriously planned, and the completion is just incredible. They will make your bathroom look stunning, yet if the water invades the completion, the tile will stain and rot for good. Wood tiles are commonly suitable for a powder room.

  • Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are created utilizing limestone, record, marble and rock and are available in different shapes and wraps up. Stone tiles come in various hues, for instance, red, green, gold, silver and blue. The surface of the tiles changes effectively; subsequently they require more consideration than earthenware tiles. They ought to be cleaned and cleaned regularly, and they should be fixed to last more.

  • Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are the most polished and aesthetic tiles for your washroom. If installed properly, the tiles can last longer with negligible harm. Also, they are slip-safe, and you can get them either transparent or tented. They look incredible and would totally accommodate your bathroom.